Your virtual event

Your virtual event


You want to create one or more online events and wonder which platform to choose?


Organize, broadcast and market your virtual events in your personalized space. Our team supports you for production, promotion, logistics and technical management before, during and after events. It’s a winning solution for optimizing the return on investment of your events and sharing with a larger community.

Thanks to our internal production agency Sparkling, we benefit from a complete filming team, a studio space and a marketing team on demand. Our studio space, located in the Chabanel district, also meets the latest health requirements of public health.

Examples of events
  • Conferences and symposiums
  • General assemblies
  • Webinars and workshops
  • Training and certifications
  • Management and employee meetings
  • Social and promotional events
  • Product and service launches
  • Shows and concerts

Focus on what you do best : create some content
Create impactful, collaborative and engaging training
Use digital data from the illuxi platform to upgrade transfer into action
Save time by trusting us with the uploading of your content and trainings

Optimize your live audio and video content on different platforms and social networks by turning them into podcasts.

We take care of everything:


Our expert advices

In a web conference meeting, explain to our consultants the content you want to put online. We will advise you on best practices.

Create your space

Our team will create your distribution space while respecting your brand image. Your space can be integrated directly into your website or accessible on the address of your choice.

Online content

We will add your different training contents to your space. You don't have to do anything, other than sending us your capsules, PDF, videos, etc.

Online marketing and payment

You want to market some of your content and pay for it? Our digital marketing team is at your service. Our platform will carry out the transactions and you will receive the income from your sales directly into your bank account.

You have content to design? The illuxi multidisciplinary team offers you its expertise for:

Design and production of immersive and interactive content, including virtual and augmented reality
Conversion of face-to-face content into online content
Enhancement of your existing online content
Filming, editing, narrating, translating, graphics
Planning, conducting and recording online events
Digital marketing support to market your online content