The test that feels good

An interactive tool powered by illuxi and developed in collaboration with the STM’s mental health experts, which allows your resources to self-assess their psychological and overall health.

Le test qui fait du bien

A few minutes test

In an interface with your company colors, your employees answer a few questions about their morale and energy level.

Test qui fait du bien illuxi

A personalized report that really helps!

Unlike most tests, the Test that feels good doesn’t just ask questions. Its personalized report for each employee offers real solutions accompanied by video and text resources,

Test qui fait du bien illuxi rapport personnalisé

A global analysis to help the company

Once the employees who wish to take the test have done so, we compile the results and provide you with a global analysis that allows you to understand how your employees are doing.

Test qui fait du bien illuxi analyse globale

How it works

Step 1

Put on line

We proceed to the installation of the Test on your personalized portal with the colors of your brand image.

Step 1

Step 2

List of employees

We import the list of your employees and send them a personalized email explaining the benefits of the Test and instructions on how to take it.

Step 2

Step 3

Taking the Test

Each employee takes the test and receives an instant personalized report with tips and resources to increase energy and boost morale.

Step 3

Step 4

Global analysis

Once the end date is reached, our team proceeds to the analysis of the results in order to present you with a report that summarizes all the results obtained, accompanied by action plans for the future.

Step 4

Some frequently asked questions

Absolutely. As soon as the test is completed by the employee, our system saves the results but disassociates them from the employee's personal information.

Your employees could start taking the test as quickly as next week.

This questionnaire echoes the writings of Quebec and international professors and researchers such as Alain Gosselin (HEC-Montreal), who advocates sharing and inter-organizational collaboration in order to go faster and further by building on the strengths and technologies of each.

The STM designed the questions and produced most of the complementary resources first for the benefit of its employees, managers and executives and now for the general public and for the benefit of SMEs and large private and public organizations.

illuxi designs, produces, distributes and hosts e-learning products for executives and employees of organizations of all sizes. For this project, illuxi developed with the STM a Test that does good on mental health in the workplace.

Your logo, your colors and a list of employees including email, first name and last name.

Take care of your resources now!

We are fortunate that the STM has made available The Test That Feels Good, in a context where mental health is at the heart of the priorities of many companies and organizations. More than 50,000 workers in Canada have benefited from its personalized resources!

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