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and employee competencies

through interactive e-learning.

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Our interactive e-learning  solutions expedite training sessions, driving learning through reality-simulating experiences. Therefore, your employees integrate the teachings more rapidly.

Our unique value proposition:

A game conceptualized to helps make complex strategic decisions

The best way to develop abilities and knowledge is by learning through simulated experiences

Software exclusively developed, owned and sold in Québec by illuxi

Software that allows the trainer to follow the participants' progression, performance and behaviours in real-time

Tangible benefits for each member of your organization


Acquire professional skills rapidly and effectively.

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Formations interactives - e-learning


Build a team or entire company in a short timeframe while focusing on a specific theme.


Receive personalized updates on the training sessions of your employees as well as individual development plans.

Formations personnalisées avec rapport individuel
Elearning interactif Illuxi apprentissage simulé


Technological platform entirely conceptualized and developed in Quebec, apart from being fully owned by illuxi, thus protecting user and company data.


Our immersive simulations are available in every language used in your company and international subsidiaries.

Simulations immersives disponibles dans toutes les langues

Adapted solutions for you



Available as a course in person, the training session starts with an interactive movie that requires participants to make decisions on a general theme. Each decision calls for a management skill that must be developed. The experience can be followed up by a conference from a keynote speaker, which gives the participant the opportunity to mix technology, games, discussion and activities. The experience consolidates both living and feeling.

Optional: Game Ambassador Conference


Managers and employees of companies and institutions

Similar to the first product, it’s a hybrid and customized option, targeted at organizations wishing to respond to specific needs facing unique internal issues. The training sessions are customized to reflect the customer’s chosen themes and are provided by the company’s internal trainer. Whether you wish to evaluate your team’s decisional capabilities or facilitate the knowledge development of a specific issue or policy, the interactive movie experience will broaden your horizons.


Employees, managers and members of institutions such as professional associations

Personalized product available online and targeted at employees and managers in companies as well as members of professional associations. The interactive game gives the participants the opportunity to make decisions directly in line with their daily reality, regardless of their roles. This product is custom-designed to target specific needs and develop complex notions by making the participants live unique situations that are specifically adapted to the training needs of professional associations.

Our approach

illuxi’s approach integrates high tech, such as artificial intelligence,  to conceptualize, develop and create unique immersive experiences, which simultaneously adapt to the reactions and progression of its customers, thus refining the learning experience in order to captivate its participants as much as possible.

Interactive movie

The trainer shares the knowledge prior to letting the participants experiment with the interactive movie.

Real life situations

Our products allow the participants to make a clear link between the elements learned and the outcomes of their decisions.

Reflexive thinking

Our products prompt reflexive thinking and trigger decision making.


A dashboard allows the trainer, or the participants to analyze their decision making in real-time.

Our products

Training: Managing in an ethnocultural context

Comprendre les enjeux liés à la diversité ethnoculturelle pour un ordre professionne Comprendre l’importance de la communication en contexte interculturel Connaître des facteurs à mettre en [...]

Training: Getting ready for crisis management

Comment se préparer en équipe de direction à vivre une crise et l’après crise qui viendra chambouler le quotidien des opérations. Comment limiter les impacts financiers à court, moyen et long [...]

Training: Improve your management skills

À l’ère du monde du travail 4.0 qui est volatile, incertain, complexe et ambiguë, où la rareté et la pénurie de main-d’œuvre est bien présente, comment développer vos habiletés de leadership en [...]

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